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There is something incredibly liberating about helping business owners pursue success in their passion for a living.

Right after high-school, I was in the midst of the familiar story of being an 18-year-old who had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, but plenty of ideas of where I wanted to be in the future. Distant goals seemed like pipe-dreams and far adventures seemed like something other people do, but certainly not me.

That changed quickly.

I've always heard that the best way to learn quickly is to be thrown into the fire. My first "big-boy" job did that in all the most comfort-zone expanding ways. You've probably been in that scenario before that made you think; "oh no oh no oh no... wait a minute... I never knew I could do this!" That's where I found myself.


Looking back, its impact was immeasurable.

Fast forward a few challenging years and I've traveled and lived in places like Greece, Hawaii and San Diego (maybe not so impressive to some, but remember, these seemed like unattainable goals not so long ago), formed relationships some incredible people who have become immensely influential in my life, and worked with clients I would have been intimidated by in the past, including Harvard Business School.

Day to day, you'll find I'm a running junky who loves geeking out with Legos like a 12-year-old as much as I like getting out, meeting new people and hitting the daily grind.

If you'd like to touch base, I hope you'll contact me. Maybe we can achieve something great together?

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